My Story Part II: The Christmas Card

As promised, here’s how God brought me to where I am today despite my difficult beginning. If you missed that post, check out My Story Part I: An Unfortunate Beginning.

Many years and many bad choices brought me to a point where I was a divorced, single mom. I’d put all my trust in myself and my abilities to generate income, so God stripped that away. My company shut down their east coast operations. I could have transferred to Oregon, but I couldn’t take my daughter away from her father. I couldn’t allow her to grow up without a parent.

Now I was an unemployed, single mom. Continue reading

My Story Part I: An Unfortunate Beginning

Now that I’m home, taking my writing more seriously and revamping my website, I realized something. I’ve shared a little about me in the “About Me” page, but I haven’t shared why I have such a passion for sharing my faith with others and helping those who might be struggling with their faith.

I’ll start with my unfortunate beginning. When I was ten months old, my mother joined a cult. She thought she was doing what God wanted her to do. But, regardless of her intentions, my family broke apart. I grew up without a mother.

As if things weren’t bad enough, I was left in the care of a housekeeper who mistreated me (to put it mildly). Continue reading

How to Unleash Your Creativity and Find Joy

I was one of those kids who didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. Then, I became an adult and I still didn’t know.

I’d spent years hopping from job to job looking for something fulfilling. Finally, I landed what I would have thought was the perfect job working at church. Although I believe God called me there for a time, that wasn’t ultimately where He wanted me. If you’re interested in that story, I wrote about it in A New Chapter.

How did I know God wanted me to write?

The best way to figure anything out is to first pray, then look in God’s word. Continue reading

Blog Hop: Irresistible World Building

Today I’m participating in a blog hop to celebrate the release of Janeen Ippolito’s new writing craft book: Irresistible World Building. Janeen gave those of us participating in this blog hop some questions that showcase what is awesome about our world building.

So, please allow me to share some background and insight into Ariboslia, the world I created for my (soon-to-be) three book series, starting with Astray. To give you some context, here’s the back cover blurb: Continue reading

A New Chapter

Last week I left the best job I’ve ever had.

For over a year now, I felt a tension that just wouldn’t go away. Sometimes it was better than others, but it was always there. My pastor preached about how we’re all juggling balls. Most of us are juggling too many. And we’d better know which ones are made of glass. Some will bounce if you drop them. Some won’t.

I believe this was the source of the tension—juggling too many balls. Fortunately, none had dropped. But it was only a matter of time. Continue reading