Faith, Family and Fantasy—that’s what I’m all about!


Faith—Faith is my middle name (seriously, it is). Nothing is more important in my life than God. I begin each day in prayer and in His word. I seek His will in all things

and strive to look more like Christ everyday (which will never happen in this lifetime … I’m sooooo far away, but I’ll never stop trying).

Family—My husband, my daughter and the rest of my family mean more to me than anything else outside of God. By family, I mean my blood relatives and my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Fantasy—God gave me a crazy imagination for a reason. It has served to protect me through difficulties and it is the reason I must write. An over-active imagination can have its downfalls too, such as marks on my report cards as a kid that I spent too much time daydreaming. Yup. That was me. Daydreamer. Now I’ve learned to channel that into the written word. If only there were enough hours in the day to get all these thoughts and storylines on paper!

I wanted to write all my life. When I was little, I would make up stories to go with the pictures in picture books. Once I learned to read, I was sorely disappointed in the story thinking to myself, “That’s not what I remember that story to be about.” Once I learned to write, I spent my free time writing about secret passageways leading to undiscovered lands full of candy (no doubt inspired by Willy Wonka).

Astray, the first book in my Ariboslia series, is now available on Amazon!

This book has changed dramatically from its original concept. I had many failed starts until, interestingly enough, I decided to dedicate my life, and my book, to God. Once that happened, the words flowed. It was not originally a Christian novel and yet, that is exactly what it has become.

Thanks for reading!

You are loved,

J F Rogers

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